Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar
Smokeless Moxibustion Jar

Smokeless Moxibustion Jar

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Inheriting traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion therapy, non-smoke moxibustion, opening a new modern method of moxibustion. Precise positioning and penetration of acupuncture points.

Suitable for all parts of the body

Main features

Relieve your arthritis, neck, shoulder, wrist, knee pain, warm and peaceful tradition Chinese moxa maintains soft and peaceful treatment without any side effects.

By warm stimulation enhanced local blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, promote the dissipate absorption of inflammation, adhesions, exudate, hematoma, and other pathological products, cause the proliferation of cerebral cortex inhibitory substances, the moxibustion treatment plays the role of sedative and analgesic, promote the absorption of drugs at the same time.

Adjustable temperature, the temperature increases when rotating in the direction of rotation and decreases when rotating in the opposite direction, equipped with a smokeless filter, you can take it anywhere for moxibustion when meditating, sleeping, sitting or working and so on, focus moxa radiant heat on pain area, for about 20-30 minutes twice a week.

To regulate the discomfort resulted from the physiological period and to expel the body's cold and moisture. Drawing out poison and reduce heat, a healthy method to maintain the beauty and keep young. focus moxa radiant heat on the pain area.

Notes on Moxibustion

How long should I moxibustion for at a time?
Each acupuncture point should be moxibustion for 20-30 minutes each time.

Is moxibustion suitable for everyone?
Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medical method that is suitable for everyone, it is very effective in removing dampness and cold.

Why does my skin become red and itchy after moxibustion?
During moxibustion, the heat of moxibustion causes the capillaries to dilate and some people with heavy dampness may experience itchy skin, which is normal.

Method of use

The benefits of moxibustion:

Warming yang and tonify deficiency, tonifying middle-jiao and qi.

To reconcile the yin and yang. The balance of yin and yang is the foundation of disease occurrence and development. Using the diarrhea function of moxibustion therapy to reach the effect of reconciling yin and yang.

Warming and dredging meridian to dispelling cold. Mugwort warm-natured, Light it and smoke, so heat will get to the muscle layer. Blood gets warmed. Moxibustion can warm meridians, dispel cold, contusion qi and blood, and relieve rheumatism and pain.

Promoting qi to activate blood, dispersing and removing stasis. Qi reaches heat will circulating. But it condensates when reaches cold. The temperature rises, the blood flow. Moxibustion is warm and irritative. It can coordinate qi and blood, easy yingqi and weiqi, so it can promoting qi to activate blood, dispersing and removing stasis.

Disease prevention and health care. Improve health and promote longevity. The effect of moxibustion therapy in many ways. Such as different acupoints, moxibustion, moxibustion or stimulation of different materials used are different, which have different functions; therefore, the clinical application should be depending on the specific condition selection of acupoints and the different methods of operation.


  • Bamboo wood
Product Size
  • 7 x 7cm
  • Mugwort column with a diameter of less than 3cm
Package Contents
  • Moxibustion Jar x 1
  • Binding straps 1
  • Mugwort column x 5
  • Acupuncture point chart 1


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